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You can be your own boss

Flexible schedule 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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Delivery agent’s requirements


  • Hong Kong ID card. Be a Hong Kong citizen or permanent resident.

  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Have a smartphone.

  • Download the app on iOS or Android devices. ​


  • Drive with your motorcycle or van to take orders

  • Must have a valid driver’s license

  • Must have a smartphone

  • Download the app on IOS or Android devices

Delivery Agent’s Features

Asset 9.png

You can be your own boss

Asset 13.png

Weekly paycheck by bank transfer

Asset 17.png

You can log in to the app, start and stop at any time to take breaks and go back to work if you feel like it! That means freedom!

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Simple applications, start delivering within 24 hours after you are approved

Asset 14.png

We will limit the number of drivers/couriers within our platform to protect their income. We do not want there to be more supply than demand!

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Opportunities to work any days to earn extra money to pay bills

Asset 11.png

Flexible schedule

Asset 15.png

Various option to choose from to work with us: by foot (you don’t need a vehicle to work with us!), by motorcycle, by car/vans

Asset 19.png

Various incentive bonuses offered to our valuable delivery partners

Asset 12.png

Competitive earnings

Asset 16.png

You can work part time(2 to 3 hours) or full time (any time and any day you want)

Asset 20.png

You can accept or decline any orders you want. Be your own boss!


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Become delivery agent 

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